Thursday, October 18, 2007


This is to allow people in guild to coordinate raid run for Kara. Primarily we need consensus on when people would like to run Kara (what day of the week or what time of the day).

Use the link for google calendar's to put in your time preference:

Everyone can view the calendar events but you must have a gmail account to edit the calendar events.

PS. we have found that to edit the Shadow Templar calendar you must do so from your own google calendar.

Update (Nymeria): we created a gmail account for our guild. The username is shadowtemplars. Please send an email to for the password. That way we all can directly access/modify the calendar and post in this blog. Just try to identify yourself to avoid confusion.


Betadine said...

Awesome. Glad you put this together. I'm trying to put a website together, that is

1. free
2. decent storage size for web files
3. simple URL

Anyway... I'm still trying to figure out the calendar section here.

Brent said...
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