Friday, January 25, 2008

Kara Keyed

We have quite a few people as well as characters who just reached the glorious level 70 and is anxious to get in on the Kara fun. Please indicate where you are in the keying process (don't worry if you haven't started) and available evenings where we can possibly knock it out. Also, if you aren't honored w/ the different factions, I recommend getting there and the keys so we can start running heroics with you and get you some PURPLEZ =)

- Betadine

Kara 2008, 2nd attempt

OK... I'd have to applogize that the last run didn't go so well... for many of you it required some "bargaining" or scheduling to make yourself available that night. Unfortunately, Blizzard's ISP connectivity failing came at a bad time. So, there is much consensus that we do it again sooner than later. With that in mind, I am putting the 1st week of Feb (Feb 5 & 9) to be more precise as an option for the next Karazhan run. Please post and if this is something you guys are interested in.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guild Ranking (version 2)

Ok, as you may have (or have not) noticed... there are new names for the different guild rankings. These changes are done primarily to accommodate the tank and plate wearers as we do various dungeon runs/raids. Listed below are the rankings & a brief explanation of each one. If you haven't caught on yet... the naming scheme comes right out of Starcraft.

High Templar
- The highest rank, guild leader
- unlimited guild management rights
- unlimited bank rights

Dark Archon
- Senior officer tank
- can promote, demote, invite, remove, and motd.
- good amount of bank withdraw rights and for repairs.

Dark Templar
- Senior officer guild member
- can promote, demote, invite, remove, and motd.
- fair amount of bank withdraw rights

- Seasoned guild tank or other plate wearer
- can promote & demote
- can see bank, deposit, higher repair withdrawal

- Seasoned guild member & contributer
- equal to Arbiter
- can see bank, deposit, lower repair withdrawal

- mid rank
- guild chat, set public & officer notes
- can see bank & deposit only

- low-mid rank
- just guild chat & public note
- can see bank & deposit only

- 2nd lowest rank - for that "new" guy who we aren't of sure yet :P
- just guild chat & public note
- can't see bank

- lowest rank - for players who have been inactive for months.
- just guild chat
- can't see bank

Guild Bank Status:
It is getting quite full and space is quickly becoming an issue. Next bank slot (#4) is a 1000 gold buy. We either need to A) not put anything of little value in the bank B) deposit some $ to pay for a 4th slot or C) actually use the bank and take out items which you think may be of use to you or D) just disenchant everything... j/k :P

- Betadine

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kara part deux - Jan 19th

Please confirm/update/sign-up for the second part to our Kara run coming up on Saturday.

1. Kinzlayer
2. Stringfellow
3. Stonebain
4. Betadine
5. Kyron
6. Caharin
7. Rotgutt (75% probability)
8. Sarahn (10% [updated] probability)
9. Leinad (50% probability)

Kara 1st part - Jan 15 2008

Alright we had a few hiccups with combatlog so not all the encounters from tonight's Kara are on the charts, basically we forgot to turn combatlog back on after we got booted from the server when we were fighting the trash just before Moroes. Of course we didn't turn combatlog back on till right before Opera Event so we don't have the Moroes and Maiden encounters recorded... stupid Blizzard- combatlog-thing. What we do have is the Attunmen The Huntsmen, Opera Event, Curator, and the Nightbane attempt.

It's fun to dissect the numbers but it's above all just informational.

PS. It looks like when you log out of WoW, if you had combatlog turned on, WoW just turns it off on the next login but does not delete or restart the combatlog.

PSS. I'm not 100% sure why WWS register our Opera Event as a try instead of a kill since I can confirm from the logs that it does record the bosses dying??? just not sure.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Something funny to share...

Instead of pasting the whole thing here and pushing the Kara post too far below, here's a link... I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kara - Jan 15 & 19

Same plan as last Kara run. It'll be broken into 2 parts. First half will be done on Tues starting @ 8pm. Second half will be done on Sat @ 8pm.

1st half
- Attumen
- Moroes
- Maiden
- Opera
- Curator

2nd half
- Illhoof
- Shade
- Chess
- Prince
- Netherspite
- Nightbane

Hopefully we can get past Prince this time around. We should try to spend this weekend to try and read up on the boss fights and also prep to summon Nightbane. Sign up for Kara here and indicate which days you can make it.

- Betadine