Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kara 1st part - Jan 15 2008

Alright we had a few hiccups with combatlog so not all the encounters from tonight's Kara are on the charts, basically we forgot to turn combatlog back on after we got booted from the server when we were fighting the trash just before Moroes. Of course we didn't turn combatlog back on till right before Opera Event so we don't have the Moroes and Maiden encounters recorded... stupid Blizzard- combatlog-thing. What we do have is the Attunmen The Huntsmen, Opera Event, Curator, and the Nightbane attempt.

It's fun to dissect the numbers but it's above all just informational.

PS. It looks like when you log out of WoW, if you had combatlog turned on, WoW just turns it off on the next login but does not delete or restart the combatlog.

PSS. I'm not 100% sure why WWS register our Opera Event as a try instead of a kill since I can confirm from the logs that it does record the bosses dying??? just not sure.

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Rotgutt said...

I think it might register it as a try because even though we only went through the event once it registers multiple kills on both bosses.
It's just parsing the logs, apparently it's not smart enough to notice that the 2x "Romulo has died" lines in the logs were only a few minutes apart.