Friday, January 25, 2008

Kara Keyed

We have quite a few people as well as characters who just reached the glorious level 70 and is anxious to get in on the Kara fun. Please indicate where you are in the keying process (don't worry if you haven't started) and available evenings where we can possibly knock it out. Also, if you aren't honored w/ the different factions, I recommend getting there and the keys so we can start running heroics with you and get you some PURPLEZ =)

- Betadine


Kinzlayer said...

Kinzlayer will be available most nights to assist in runs to get either rep to Honored or for key runs.

Rotgutt said...

I'd love to run through any level 70 dungeon or heroic. I'm trying to get my rep to Exalted with nearly everybody, since there are some very nice enchants available then.

I'd also like to help more people get keyed, since it would be great to have a small backup pool of raiders for those nights that some people can't make it.

Enchants at Exalted:
Sha'tar: Increased threat generation to gloves
CE: Increased stealth level to cloak
Lower City: +12 Dodge to cloak
KoT: +15 Agility to gloves
Thrallmar: Reduced threat generation to cloak
Violet Eye: +25 Agility to weapon

Caharin said...

I need lower city and thrallmar rep. Lower city for the quiver pattern, and thrallmar for the nethercleft. I also wouldn't mind getting CoT.

I'm available whenever online.

Don't forget to check guild = Lucid Destruction for me on an alt.

Anonymous said...

This is fifedogg. My hunter has the first part of the key quest done. My priest has not started, but he will likely be more helpful to the guild once I get him to 70 (1.5 levels left). Both need the escape quest from Caverns of Time as well (I think it's required for part of kara chain).