Monday, June 16, 2008

Full Kara run this Friday (June 20th)

7pm on Friday, we will be trying a full Kara run... I know when can run through it quick.

Please sign up in the comment if you can make it.

- Kinz (c dps)
- Bubble (tank)
- Naestel (heal)
- Beta/Haoh (c dps/m dps)
- Stone (tank/dps/heal) *not sure what Stone will bring
- Nereid (dps/heal)
- Propane (dps)
- Veriele (dps) *maybe
- Zor (heal) *maybe

Friday, June 6, 2008

How are the weekends?

I was wondering how many people we would get for Kara on Friday night, Saturday (afternoon or night), or Sunday (afternoon or night).

Unlike me some of you do have social lives so I realize the weekends might be bad for WoW... hehe.

choice 1 - Friday night
choice 2 - Saturday afternoon (12pm - 5pm)
choice 3 - Saturday night (5pm - 11pm)
choice 4 - Sunday afternoon (12pm - 5pm)
choice 5 - Sunday night (5pm - 11pm)

Please let us know your choice.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Potential new line up for Kara

I believe this is the list of people and the toons that we would like to get into Kara. We should try and get the primary in as much as we can and use the reserve if we need.

Primary Tank
Bubble (MT-Takadin) - Danny
Stonebarr (OT-Bear) - Robert

Reserve Tank
Kyron (MT-WARR) - Mike

Primary Healer
Naestel (Hally) - Harout
Sarahn (Hally) - Brent
Zor (Hally) - Mike

Reserve Healer
Betadine (Priest) - JP
Stonebain (Priest) - Robert

Primary DPS
Haohmaru (Rog) - JP
Kinzlayer (Lok) - Phong
Propane (Mage) - Casey
Rotgutt (Mage) - Thomas (added)
Somebeach (Rog) - Derek
String (OomKin) - Anthony
Viriele (SP) - Elliott

Reserve DPS
Betadine (SP) - JP
Jagan (SHM) - JP
Kyriel (Mage) - Mike
Leinad (Hunt) - Danny
Stonemage (Mage) - Robert
Testicoilz (Lok) - Derek

We should look at when the next Kara should be (after the reset on June 10th), please put in comment a day that works best for you or a day you can't come if that is the case.