Friday, June 6, 2008

How are the weekends?

I was wondering how many people we would get for Kara on Friday night, Saturday (afternoon or night), or Sunday (afternoon or night).

Unlike me some of you do have social lives so I realize the weekends might be bad for WoW... hehe.

choice 1 - Friday night
choice 2 - Saturday afternoon (12pm - 5pm)
choice 3 - Saturday night (5pm - 11pm)
choice 4 - Sunday afternoon (12pm - 5pm)
choice 5 - Sunday night (5pm - 11pm)

Please let us know your choice.


Kinzlayer said...

my choice would be choice 1 & 3.

Thomas said...

This weekend I have no spouse, so I lose all compulsion to go outside or bathe. All that extra time can be focused into video games.

Thomas said...

Which is to say, I can be available at any of those options.

Sarahn said...

(1)Friday Night, and (2)Sat afternoon are open, and slim possibility for (3) Sat night

Harout said...

This weekend is bad for me... I can probably do tonight. I cannot do Saturday at all and Sunday I am available.


Kyron said...

In general, #1-3 work for me.
#4-5 I probably won't be able to attend.

-- Kyron