Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Potential new line up for Kara

I believe this is the list of people and the toons that we would like to get into Kara. We should try and get the primary in as much as we can and use the reserve if we need.

Primary Tank
Bubble (MT-Takadin) - Danny
Stonebarr (OT-Bear) - Robert

Reserve Tank
Kyron (MT-WARR) - Mike

Primary Healer
Naestel (Hally) - Harout
Sarahn (Hally) - Brent
Zor (Hally) - Mike

Reserve Healer
Betadine (Priest) - JP
Stonebain (Priest) - Robert

Primary DPS
Haohmaru (Rog) - JP
Kinzlayer (Lok) - Phong
Propane (Mage) - Casey
Rotgutt (Mage) - Thomas (added)
Somebeach (Rog) - Derek
String (OomKin) - Anthony
Viriele (SP) - Elliott

Reserve DPS
Betadine (SP) - JP
Jagan (SHM) - JP
Kyriel (Mage) - Mike
Leinad (Hunt) - Danny
Stonemage (Mage) - Robert
Testicoilz (Lok) - Derek

We should look at when the next Kara should be (after the reset on June 10th), please put in comment a day that works best for you or a day you can't come if that is the case.


Kinzlayer said...

Only day I can't make it at the moment is Thursday (June 12th), still have softball for at least a few more weeks.

Thomas said...

I can play on most Wednesdays (June 11 is an exception) and could work out a Thursday session given enough notice. Having not played for a while I'm probably poorly geared compared to everyone else, however.

Harout said...

Thursdays are no good for me. I can usually make it on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.


JP said...

I can't make Tuesday nights until the end of July.

Good days for now would be

Mon, Fri, Weekends

Sarahn said...

I can make Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Sat is sketchy and Sunday is a no go until late evening.

Work makes things interesting, however once a week I can usually get out early enough to be on by 8pm otherwise I push 9 or 10 pm if at all.

Sarahn said...

I have a few alts coming up I'd like to get in, first will be Adria (Huntard), she's probably 1-2 months away from being Kara ready.

String said...

Tuesdays/ Wednesday are best for me.