Friday, November 16, 2007

Guild Bank

The guild bank is now live... however Blizzard did not make it cheap. There could be a total of 6 tabs (correct me if I'm wrong) for the bank with about 90+ slots each. 1st slot cost 100g, 2nd slot would be 250g, 3rd is some higher value of course, and etc...

With that being put into place, access to the bank is kind of funky. Although it tracks who takes out and who deposits, currently what is in place generally is all deposits (gold and items) are unlimited to most (I'd have to see what Kyron has set) guild members, withdrawals are available mainly to donors (gold) which could in turn help expand the guild bank.

Again I'd have to talk to Kyron and see what else he has put in place, but a re-org of guild rankings were made with his help and they are as follow:

Old -> New
High Templar ->
Sentinel -> Arbiter
Guardian -> Archon/Templar
Knight -> Corsair
Initiate -> Observer/Scout

High Templar - Guild Leader; unlimited
Arbiter - Senior Officers; a lot more bank access (multiple donor... hopefully)
Archon - Seasoned Veteran; more bank access (donor)

Templar - Seasoned Veteran; limited bank access
Corsair - Regular; limited bank access
Observer - Regular but nactive for 2+ months; no bank access
Scout - noobie... still green to guild; no bank access

** this isn't finalized and corrections may be made to this access list

- Betadine

Monday, November 12, 2007

Maiden PWND!!!

Congratz to everyone on a fantastic weekend; not only did we power our way through Attunemen and his wussy horse, we conquered Moroes again and pop Maiden's cherry.

It's safe to say that for Attunemen having 3 tanks made it pretty easy, as well as having two priests and their shackles. Having 3 healers at the moment for Moroes is the requirement for us. Maiden of course is just tricky so let's hopefully keep this up and next thing for us to conquer is the Opera Event, imo the best part of Kara. Also keep up the good run we have as to gear some more of our ppl out with PURPLEZ!!!

I believe Beta might have a plan for another Kara on the 17th so stay tune to the Guild's MOTD and this blog but I'm sure everyone knows by now that Thomas (Rotgutt) is getting hitched soon so Rotgutt, Caharin, and Kinzlayer will be out on the 17th as that will be when we get Thomas silly drunk and savor his last moment of freedom before he becomes a responsible adult with a wife to aggro.

Once again great Kara and congratz to all who participate and got some nice PURPLEZ out of it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

OMG!!! how did I miss this comic

~Kinzlayer: Rivaling my enjoyment of LFG and Dark Legacy, By Way of Booty Bay is hilarious. I had to share.

Dark Legacy:


Don't forget to pick up your free gems from the good people of the Consortium in Nagrand since it is a new month now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Once more into Kara.

Please leave a comment on this post whether if you can make it to Kara this Saturday, the 10th of November. We hope to start getting round up at 7pm PST and start the run at 7:30pm PST.

We hope to get to Maiden again and get her down this time.