Monday, November 12, 2007

Maiden PWND!!!

Congratz to everyone on a fantastic weekend; not only did we power our way through Attunemen and his wussy horse, we conquered Moroes again and pop Maiden's cherry.

It's safe to say that for Attunemen having 3 tanks made it pretty easy, as well as having two priests and their shackles. Having 3 healers at the moment for Moroes is the requirement for us. Maiden of course is just tricky so let's hopefully keep this up and next thing for us to conquer is the Opera Event, imo the best part of Kara. Also keep up the good run we have as to gear some more of our ppl out with PURPLEZ!!!

I believe Beta might have a plan for another Kara on the 17th so stay tune to the Guild's MOTD and this blog but I'm sure everyone knows by now that Thomas (Rotgutt) is getting hitched soon so Rotgutt, Caharin, and Kinzlayer will be out on the 17th as that will be when we get Thomas silly drunk and savor his last moment of freedom before he becomes a responsible adult with a wife to aggro.

Once again great Kara and congratz to all who participate and got some nice PURPLEZ out of it.

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Betadine said...

yes I do agree that we did really well against Maiden & Attunemen. We just need to be 1. really good on our CC against Moroes or 2. have a 3rd healer.

Plans for Kara on the 17th is off, as a good number of the guildies will be celebrating Thomas' (Rotgutt) final days as a bachelor.

November is going to be iffy esp w/ family thanksgiving plans. So next Kara run date I'm aiming for 2nd week of December.