Monday, June 16, 2008

Full Kara run this Friday (June 20th)

7pm on Friday, we will be trying a full Kara run... I know when can run through it quick.

Please sign up in the comment if you can make it.

- Kinz (c dps)
- Bubble (tank)
- Naestel (heal)
- Beta/Haoh (c dps/m dps)
- Stone (tank/dps/heal) *not sure what Stone will bring
- Nereid (dps/heal)
- Propane (dps)
- Veriele (dps) *maybe
- Zor (heal) *maybe


Harout said...

Count me in!

String said...

count me in

JP said...

I'm fairly positive I can go.

I can bring SPriest or Rogue.
- Beta: needs badges
- Rogue: gear/rep

JP "Betadine"

String said...

Count me out, sorry going to the Doger Game Friday.