Sunday, July 6, 2008

ZA revisited

I'm throwing the idea of trying ZA (Zul'Aman) again. We got to the first boss first time, though we could not quite take the 2nd & 3rd one. Hopefully this time around we'll get further and have fun with this next run.

What days (S,M,Tu,W,Th,F,Sa) would work and what date? Post below on feedback, questions, concerns & availability.

(aka. Betadine)


JP said...

JP Schedule:
Most weekends is available except first weekend of August.

Sun - after 2pm (subj to change)
Mon - ok
Tu - not until after Jul
Wed - ok
Th - no
Fr - tentative
Sa - after 6pm

(Betadine / Haohmaru)

Sarahn said...

Sunday - after 9pm
Monday - OK
Tuesday - OK
Wed - No
Thrus - Every other good starting 7-3-08
Friday - requires bribery
Sat - even more bribery

Harout said...

Depends on the week.

This week horrible except for Friday 7/11 - Sunday 7/13.

After that it really depends on the week... But Sunday's are usually good.

The real question is, am I geared up to handle ZA?


Thomas said...

Rotgutt can join most weeknights:
Mondays - Yes
Tuesdays - after 8:00
Wednesdays - Yes
Thursdays - Probably
Fridays - Probably
Saturdays - No
Sundays - No

Stringfellow said...

Any night for me, just let me know ahead of time.

Kyron said...

In general:
Sun - no
Mon - ok
Tu - ok
Wed - ok
Th - ok
Fr - no
Sa - after 6pm

Looks like Monday is getting a yes from most.

-- Kyron (MIke)