Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kara - Jan 15 & 19

Same plan as last Kara run. It'll be broken into 2 parts. First half will be done on Tues starting @ 8pm. Second half will be done on Sat @ 8pm.

1st half
- Attumen
- Moroes
- Maiden
- Opera
- Curator

2nd half
- Illhoof
- Shade
- Chess
- Prince
- Netherspite
- Nightbane

Hopefully we can get past Prince this time around. We should try to spend this weekend to try and read up on the boss fights and also prep to summon Nightbane. Sign up for Kara here and indicate which days you can make it.


- Betadine


Kinzlayer said...

I'm game for both Tuesday and Saturday.

Rotgutt said...
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Rotgutt said...

There's a really good set of guides here that detail the bosses we'll face on Tuesday (the guides are incomplete and don't cover anything past Shade). They include videos that talk you through the encounter, unlike most WoW videos that teach you nothing and bombard you with bad rock music.

I will almost definitely be attending the raids next week.

(the deleted comment above was from me - I messed up the link)

Stringfellow said...

I'm in for both nights

Stonebain said...

I will make both nights

Betadine said...

I am in

JP said...

1. Kinzlayer
2. Rotgutt
3. Stringfellow
4. Stonebain
5. Betadine

5 more spots to fill.

Kyron said...

I should be able to make both nights.

Caharin said...

I'm in

Sarahn said...

I can make Tuesday no prob, Sat I'm 90% sure I'll let ya'll know Tuesday for sure :)

leinad said...

I can make Tuesday and am 50% for Saturday.

Kinzlayer said...

1. Kinzlayer (Tuesday/Saturday)
2. Stringfellow (Tuesday/Saturday)
3. Stonebain (Tuesday/Saturday)
4. Betadine (Tuesday/Saturday)
5. Kyron (Tuesday/Saturday)
6. Caharin (Tuesday/Saturday)
7. Rotgutt (Tuesday/ 75% Saturday)
8. Sarahn (Tuesday/ 90% Saturday)
9. Leinad (Tuesday/ 50% Saturday)

Betadine said...

we ran a few heroics (Shat Hall & Seth Halls) on Sat so we (actually Kyron and Stringfellow) should be able to summon nightbane now. it was "discussed" that we could try nightbane once after curator just to see how it goes. lets hope we make good time and the first few bosses goes without a hitch.

Kinzlayer said...

It's probably a good idea to end the night with Nightbane but he is actually accessible before Curator as he is on the ledge from the side entrance.