Monday, December 24, 2007

January 08 - Kara Run

We had a great run last time, and got up all the way to the Prince! Not bad for running it the first time as a guild. With that in mind, as I mentioned in another post, I hope to do Karazhan more consistently - usually around the 2nd week of the month. But January is kind of a funny month w/ New Years and people leaving for trips or what not for the holidays. So, I need your input on what will work.

Jan 8, 12
Jan 15, 19

Note: I'll be out of town from Dec 27-Jan3. Guild matters will be handled by Kyron/Kyriel.

- Betadine


Kinzlayer said...

I can support both set of dates.

Sarahn said...

I should be able to support both dates.

good for 8/12 not sure on schedule for 15/19 but should be ok

Caharin said...

Tuesday are always a little scary for me, but the 8th / 12th would probably be better for me.

Stone said...

I can make either date

Ophi said...

Hey I am one of kinzlayer's buddies I think I am closeing my store on tuesday however I should be able to help yall out if you would like.

Rotgutt said...

Currently talking it over with the Mrs.