Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kara part deux

Gratz to everyone who ran Kara on Tuesday night (Dec. 11th). We had a very successful run, cleared all the way up to and including Curator with only one wipe, I think, and the typical hiccups so we know we can do half of Kara on a regular basis, me think.

We will be trying to hit up the rest of Kara on Saturday so please sign up to let us know if you can make it. The plan would be to hit up at a minimum Illhoof, Shade, Chess Event, and Prince. If we have time, we can visit Netherspite and I will try to get my book before Saturday so we can summon Nightbane for those who have never seen this fight. (Kinzlayer has just been very lazy about finishing the quest in order to summon Nightbane.)

For those who have not done the fights we will see on Saturday, you can read up a bit from these links and I will explain them further as we get to them on Saturday:
(12/13/2007 Edit by Rotgutt: turned the URLs into hyperlinks for ease of use)


Kinzlayer said...

I'm in for Saturday, and I should also be able to bring a Fury warrior with me.

Betadine said...

I am in. hopefully we can start 8ish.

Rotgutt said...

I'm going to have a chat with the wife, but I will likely not be able to attend.

sarahn said...

90% sure I can make it, have gf agro but working on that Friday

Rotgutt said...

Thomas will be attending.