Friday, March 14, 2008

March Karazhan

First off, good showing at the ZA run, did well for a first run through. Got first boss, we can probably take the 2nd boss next time around.

Second, my apologies for being rather silent these past few weeks. School has really been kicking my butt. If you guys want to run anything, feel free to let me or any of the guild officers know and we'll try to plan something. You guys don't have to wait for me to say anything to plan something... I want this to be your guild as much as it is the senior officers.
Officers are as follows:
- Kyron/Kyriel/Zor - mike
- Stringfellow - anthony
- Leinad/BubbliciØus - danny
- Stonebain/Stonemage/Stonebarr - robert
- Kinzlayer/Kiserai/Orgreaznik -
- and myself Betadine/Haohmaru/Øptimusprime - jp

Third, we haven't ran anything since ZA and its been brought up when we're going to do it again. We do have a few new 70s (Fifedoggy, Naestel, Eggbrook) who may be interested in checking it out. Where they are in the keying process, I am uncertain.

With #3 in mind, I'm wondering if the last week of March will work? March 25/29. Another alternative is in 1st week of April.

- Betadine


Eggbrook - Dave said...

Last week of March is my spring break so It would be spectacular especially the 27th but I'm good for any time really, Also I only need to run BM and i'll finally be done with the whole chain. I plan on running BM this sunday sometime after 11 server time if anyone is interested. And how much +healing should a healer have for kara? right now I have -842 so I don't know if i'm even prepared for it or not. Let me know though

Anonymous said...

This is fifedogg. I'm fully keyed and ready to rock it. That week works fine for me I think unless something comes up.

JP said...

well you guys are both heal spec if i recall. if you 2 guys show + one of our main healers, either stonebain or sarahn, then i think we'll be fine. but "-842" healing isn't really a good healing template imo... was hoping for a more positive number :P

right now as it is, w/ the consistent 10 ppl we've been having show up to these raid nights, we can do almost all of karazhan... some of the bosses (netherspite & nightbane), we just need to work on our coordination.

as a prereq to running kara, i only ask that you guys download and install the Omen mod, which will help monitor yourself, as well as the tank on aggro management. Ventrillo is also a plus, mic is not too necessary, just need to hear what the tank is calling out.

- Betadine

Eggbrook said...

lol sorry I meant + 842 healing