Friday, August 1, 2008

Something fun to doooooo...

I'm not sure who else read BRK's blog beside myself and Brent but there is an up coming fun event hosted on Argent Dawn server (RP-PVE) that I would encourage people to do if they wana have fun with the WoW community.
Link: has detail information on the event.

Once in a while BRK host these thing where people just meet up on a chosen server at the appointed time and do fun and crazy thing, in this case the Biggest (hopefully) scavenger hunt.

Talk to me online if you want to form up a team for Orcapalooza.
Where: Argent Dawn server, US
When: 4pm PST on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008!
Who: YOU!!!

Update by Thomas: changed link into hyperlink. L2HTML!


JP said...

lol that sounds funny. durotaur huh... outside the noobie starting zone is about lvl 7-10.

- jp

Kinzlayer said...

hehe, yah... they usually invade a server and just wreck havoc with lowbies running around.

Kyron said...

This sounds like it would be fun :) I may join in.