Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second half Karazhan - 2/10/2008

I've posted the logs from this Saturday's Kara run, and this time the two files (Phong and I) were able to be merged.

Here's a link to the guild's runs:

That site contains both runs from this week, and will continue to expand as we add more logs in the future. WowWebStats is a neat site - it sets all this stuff up automagically.

Excellent run, especially with the Prince clear. This one page was a bit of a concern, though: Nobody was hitting the demon chains? Good thing we were still able to clear him!


Kinzlayer said...

Good run everyone... the demon chain got to go fast otherwise the dps we put out is waste as Illhoof gets heal from the Demon Chain. I'm sure the more we run these we'll get more used to it.

Betadine said...

very good run. downed Prince... and we're getting a good feel for netherspite. we still need to work on our group coordination w/ nightbane, but other than that, i think we are capable of finishing all of kara

Kyron said...

Not hitting the demon chains??!?!?! minus 20 DKP!