Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ZA... are you prepared?

So... it was broght to my attention from Mike (Kyron) that we should try ZA... and I thought, why not. We've done Karazhan quite a bit, and we can get through most of the bosses. Time to mix it up and try something new (not that we're gonna stop trying Kara). I've only ran it once and it seems like a short instance... just some pretty insane bosses. So we can possibly just run it in 1 night instead of breaking it down into two.


Post and give me your feed back and let me know what day will work.... usual raid nights are Tues and/or Sat.

- Betadine


String said...

I am in just let me know

Sarahn said...

Tuesdays are a No Go for me :( I have class until May.
Sat is possible.
What about M, W, or Th?

Thomas said...

I think that our guild make up is perfect for the first two bosses, Nalorakk (Bear boss) and Akil'zon (Hawk boss) - they both require two tanks and ranged DPS is preferred.

We will have difficulties with the rest of the bosses, probably.

It will be interesting - in a sense the bosses seem to have simpler strategies than the Kara bosses we have a difficult time with, but they're also more punishing when people are out of place or not paying attention.

Kinzlayer said...

I'm in also. I will try to pug a ZA this week to see the place to prep for our run.

Sarahn said...

I will be available Sat Mar 1, unless the GF changes her schedule again... :)

Anonymous said...

Leinad here,

Saturdays work best for me but I could do a Tuesday run with enough advance notice and maybe some flowers for the wife ;)

Betadine said...

This Sat, March 1 it is.