Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raid Scheduling

ah the duties of a guild leader...

firstly, i understand that you all have work, school, life, and a g/f or wife to agro

secondly, doing in game content is more fun than level, honor, or rep grinding... well to most people

thirdly, i would like to know what night still works best for doing in game content/raids

Some raids like ZA we may only need like 1 night to get to maybe 2-3 bosses, hopefully 4 since it is a much smaller instance. But raids like Karazhan, at our current rate we can take 80% on the first night with exception to maybe 2-3 bosses... so this will take more time to run or be split on separate days. With that in mind, some places we need to start early or be on time as close as possible, prepped with heal/mana potions, reagents and such. Post below your preferred nights and availalbility. Hopefully we can do this consistently, but understandably can take a break or do it on alternating weeks.

- Betadine/Haohmaru


JP said...

Haohmaru - rogue
Betadine - Holy/Disc or shadow

Sun - yes on certain weeks
Mon - yes
Tue - no
Wed - yes
Thr - no
Fri - tentative
Sat - yes

Sarahn said...

Sarahn - Holy Shock Pally (to be Sheath Pally)
Adria - Hunter MM/SV (to be BM/MM)

Sun - no
Mon - yes
Tue - yes
Wed - no
Thr - yes
Fri - no (g/f)
Sat - no (g/f)

g/f = Shastarose: if she hits 70 (someday) we could play every other week on one of the days

Harout said...

Nasetel - Holy Pally
Powermages - neglected Frost Mage

Sunday - Yes
Mon - Yes*
Tue - No
Wed - No
Thr - No
Fri - Depending on the week
Sat - Depending on the week

*Working on wife to have this go from 8 - 12

Kinzlayer said...

Kinzlayer - 'lock
Kiserai - healadin
Haman - warrior
Org - hunter

Sun - yes, most desirable
Mon - limited*
Tue - limited*
Wed - limited*
Thr - limited*
Fri - yes, most desirable
Sat - yes, most desirable

*won't be able to log on most nights till 8pm

Caharin said...

Caharin - Druid (feral), but i can do resto / balance if needed (not as epic though)
Myrcella - Hunter (BM) [now on Caharin account...no more double boxin / wife playin] :(

Sun - yes, most desirable
Mon - subject to work
Tue - subject to work
Wed - subject to work
Thr - subject to work
Fri - yes, most desirable
Sat - yes, most desirable

Anonymous said...

Greesh, Resto Shaman
Mon-Wed, no dice
Thurs - Yup
Fri- Yup
Sat - Yup

Of course, it's all subject to wife aggro XD

Thomas said...

Rotgutt - Arcane/Fire Mage
Sylvandah - Rogue - might hit 70 before Wrath (maybe?)

The wife says she doesn't mind which night I play, but I probably can't do raids every week.

I can't play on any Tuesdays, though.

JP said...

Good Feedback... keep those schedules coming in.

So far the days that have strong attendance possibilities are:

Sun, Mon, Fri, Sat

- JP

Kyron said...

Kyron - The QQ Prot Warr

Sun - no
Mon - yes
Tue - no
Wed - yes
Thr - yes
Fri - no
Sat - yes (limited)

Stringfellow said...

Stringfellow - Boomkin

Sun - no
Mon - yes
Tue - no
Wed - yes
Thr - yes (Limited)
Fri - no
Sat - yes

stumpoman said...

Mon- No
Tues- No
Wed- Yes
Thurs- yes
Fri- Yes
Sat- Yes
Sun- Yes

I have late classes mon and tues.

Kinzlayer said...

so far here is the breakdown:

Sunday - 4 yes, 3 no, 1 conditional, 2 maybe

Monday - 4 yes, 2 no, 3 limited, 1 maybe

Tuesday - 1 yes, 7 no, 2 limited

Wednesday - 4 yes, 3 no, 2 limited, 1 maybe

Thursday - 4 yes, 2 no, 3 limited, 1 maybe

Friday - 4 yes, 3 no, 1 conditional, 1 tentative, 1 maybe

Saturday - 6 yes, 1 no, 1 conditional, 1 limited, 1 maybe

JP said...

Yea I got a spreadsheet looking at the data so far.

Sat has the most votes, followed by Sun. With Mon and Thurs being tied runner ups.

This is of course not taking into acct the classes... which is another factor... need 2 tanks and at least 2 healers.