Monday, September 22, 2008

Brewfest @ BRD

Ok, so I had the chance of running this last night (4-man: Kinzlayer, Caharin, Nereid, & Beta) and it is very doable. Considering that we went 2-3, the 3rd failing b/c of just bad luck with the tank being CC'ed... it is a relatively easy place to farm and very doable with 4... and should be even easier with 5 (AOE is a plus). It just stucks flying down there and walking into BRD.

This is your boss fight:
with epic drops comparable to being bought with 41 Badge of Justice at the vendor.

This will be running I believe till Oct, which gives us plenty of time to farm it, esp farm it 5x with each group of 5. Any interests in doing these?

- JP (Betadine)


Harout said...

I'm game... Just let me know what day and time


Thomas said...

I'll be playing a bit more in the upcoming weekends - no trips out of town planned (like the past few weekends).

<3 AoE

Murdinaj said...

Yeah im game too just hit me up when im online if you need some deeps

Sarahn said...

I'm interested in doing these on both my hunter and pally.

JP said...

seeing from prev scheduling thread that weekend nights (Fri-Mon) are the highest probability of attendance, we'll aim to do it on those nights.

i'm tryin to figure out too when we can do a za/kara run. probably next week or after brewfest

- jp