Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good bye Dr. Boom.

From the Warlock's Den (the better Warlock's forum):

The beta currently has target dummies implemented in certain cities. I believe thjey have always been there in some form but now you can attack them.

The cool thing comes from a post from Kalgan today: (He has to be good for something!)
"In an upcoming update one of the dummies will be level 80 with normal level 80 mob stats, the other will be a "boss" dummy with normal level 80 boss mob stats.

Enjoy! "

WoW Forums -> Thanks for the training dummies!

Should be a handy way to try out different spec/gear/rotation combinations.

I'm loving what we are getting from Wrath, getting better and better.

Edit: also St. Louis is boring and WET!!!

2nd Edit: It has been confirmed by a blue that xp from 60-70 will be upped when 3.0 hit live so that people can get to 70 faster in prep for Wrath... I think Brent was hoping for this one.

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