Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Game Calendar

A recent addition to patch 3.0 is the new calendar. You can now schedule events, dungeon raids, or other in game content activities to share with other guild members. I know that Google calendar exists with this blog, but I think the in game calendar works even better (esp. for those who don't check this blog... although they would be reading this and know anything of what I just wrote since they don't check the blog anyway).

So, with the new calendar system in place, please please take advantage of it, as well as check it periodically. I have already placed 2 events in there and some of you guildies have already used it to plan events (or to help others level, congrats to Shastarose on level 70). Keep an eye on it on occasion especially since we hope to do some of the Pre-BC dungeon raids (Onyxia, MC, ZG, AQ, and etc.) to see the old school dungeons as well add to our achievements list. With the attunment of these dungeons gone, we shouldn't have any problems of running in there and killing dragon shaped pixels.

That's it for now. I'll catch you guys in game.

JP (Haohmaru)

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Sarahn said...

I'd love to do the old world raids... never got to see any of them since I started playing just before BC came out.

The calendar has some usability issues, but over all it's a great tool. It is also now link to the Armory (another site some of us can't see at work :( ), wonder if someone will create a mod where we could link it to the google calender?