Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

Both JP and I have done some quests and the Northrend quests seems to give around 20k xp per while the dailys that I turned in on the island gives 15,800 xp while the ones from Shatt gives 9,500 xp or 12,650 xp depending on which ones.

Just a bit of news.


JP said...

Its true, though there are some quests that give as much as 25k XP. But if you find yourself competing against other players for mob respawns or other time based drops, doing dailies or maybe even doing BC heroics could be a viable option to leveling... that's if you can log in w/ the ridiculous queue times.

Caharin said...

It's kinda funny. So last night I installed the QuestHelper mod which along with CartQuestObjectives gives the routing and shows on the minimap and map where all the quest items / objectives are etc. The funny part is that everyone seems to use the exact same information so in the case where it's "go kill these mobs" if you go to where the quest objectives tells you and then go further away from that specific icon you find mobs. It's like people think that the questobjectives mod knows all of the places, when in fact it really only pays attention to a few of them.