Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Main vs. Alt

Howdy folks,

We know we all have alts... with exception to String who only has 1 character in his character selection screen. We also know that WotLK release is coming real soon and all end game content will be doable with 10-man raids. So with that in mind, who are you guys bringing up to the expansion and will focus primarily on getting gear so we can really see the end game content? Please post on who you are thinking of bringing up to the expasion.

This list will be used to determine rolls on item/loot drop. Main characters will always get priority over Alts. If for some reason you hit 80 and you just don't like how its panning out, you can declare one of your Alts to be your Main, but don't abuse the system. We all want hawt purplez, and mostly I think we all wanna see the end game content... so lets get our Mains geared for it. Thoughts?

Post below on who you intend to bring up first, other concerns, etc... I'll have a compiled list on another post as we get deeper into WotLK.

- JP


JP said...


Main: Haohmaru (combat rogue)
Alt: Betadine (holy/shd priest)

- this is pending Stone's decision on whether he's bringing priest up first... if he is, then my alt would be my shaman: Jagannath (elemental)

Thomas said...

Main: Rotgutt (mage, undetermined WotLK spec)
Alt: Sylvandah (rogue, Shadow Step/daggers)

Anonymous said...

Main: Stonebarr (Resto Druid)
Based on current pre-patch info. If they nerf the healing abilities I will lvl Stonebain (Holy Priest) as main

Alt: Stonemage (Frost Mage)

Kyron said...

Main: Tank - Kyron or new DK
Alt: DPS - Kyriel (frost) or new DK

Either way, my main will be able to main tank

Murdinaj said...

Main: Murdinaj (Rogue, Combat swords)

Sarahn said...

Main: Sarahn (Paladin Ret... Thinking of going RetMedic (off heal) and maybe swapping to Holy, if and only if they fix the tree)

Alt: Adria (Hunter BM)
Alt: Lauran (Priest Shadow)
Alt: Rieman (Warlock Affliction)
Alt: Deathnugget (TBD)

Caharin said...

Main: Caharin (Feral unless it pissed me off)
Boomkin or Tree depending upon how much it pisses me off

Alt: Myrcella (Hunter ??), no clue until I see how much it pisses me off.

I think that a BM tank pet will be able to do a lot of the content we are going for, but my plan is to lvl Caharin to 80 first.

One of these days I might lvl my warlock, but that'll be a cold cold day at this rate.

Caharin said...

I guess one thing with the expansion is that we might not need this blog anymore. With a calendar at least we can schedule events in game. it'd be nice to try and schedule a weekly or biweekly run. It doesn't always have to be raid. Maybe 5 man group quests even since we'll all have something we can't solo with exp.

Anonymous said...

Main- Kiwago, I want to be resto but if we don't need another healer I'll stay elemental for dps...but this all depends on whether I can get focused and actually level myself =P

Kinzlayer said...

Main: Kiserai (holy)
Alt: Orgreaznik (BM)

- I will be xfer Kinzlayer to Executus with the Shifta DeBand Noob guys and eventually will also xfer Haman there too but I will keeping the hunter and pally to play with you guys.

Stringfellow said...

Main: Stringfellow (Balance Druid)

with the dual spec feature I can heal if we need an extra healer