Thursday, April 9, 2009

Main Spec vs. Off Spec

I'm curious to know what people are thinking about the Dual Spec ability within 3.1. I have a few different ideas for my chars and could be swayed one way vs another depending upon what the rest of the guild is doing.

If possible I think it would be cool to compile a list of what people are going to do as 3.1 hits vs what they might do later.

Bansai = DK = Frost / Unholy (both builds will be tank or dps depending upon gear)
Caharin = Druid = Feral ? / Boomkin ? [this is the char that i'm unsure what to do with]


Kinzlayer said...

Kinz - I don't think I will be going with main-spec/off-spec but rather Boss-spec and Trash-spec

Haman - I surely will need a ton of practice to dust off the protection spec on him but looking to go something duel wielding dps for main-spec and prot for off-spec.

Thomas said...

With Sylvandah I'm going to be playing around with a few options for my main, group/raid DPS spec before I plunk down the 1k for dual-spec. From the patch notes, it sounds like the current 'best spec' is getting nerfed to death.

I assume I'll be running raids as combat spec, probably with swords.
My off-spec is likely going to be deep in the subtlety tree, since Shadowstep is tons of fun even if it blows in groups.

My other characters won't get dual-spec until they hit 80; which if the rogue is as broken as it sounds, they might actually reach!

Stringfellow said...

Stringfellow will be MS Balance
and OS Resto

Anonymous said...

kiwago is too lazy to do an offspec...

JP said...

Jagannath =(MS) Resto, (OS) Elemental

Haohmaru = (MS) going combat

Chlorhydris = (MS) Unholy/Frost Tank

Sarahn said...

Sarahn = (MS) Ret (OS) Holy
Lauran = (MS) Disp (OS) Shadow [when she hit's 80, which will be soon-ish]