Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raid Etiquette

This is just something that I and some of the officers have come to an agreement to in order to streamline our "raiding experience" more.  The overall message I want to portray here is just to be considerate of others who are often going above and beyond to make the raid happen.

1. Show up on time (Recommended: 10 min prior to raid start)
2. Come Ready (Gear Repaired, Foods Cooked, Potions & Scrolls bought)
3. Log on to Ventrillo prior to raid start, regardless of if you have a mic or not
4. Please don't spam in Vent or Raid chat, try to keep it clear esp. during fights
5. Be ready to commit to stay for the duration of the raid
6. Ask the raid leader if you urgently need to go AFK
7. No False or fake rolls on drops

Any Q's about these, feel free to follow up on this post, else I will assume that you're in agreement with these.

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